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Rapiscan Mobile Check ES

Quickly deploy a mobile checkpoint for baggage and people screening.
Integrated Checkpoint Security
Relocatable 20ft. Container
Ideal for Outdoor Event Security
Rapid Setup and Dismantle

The Rapiscan MobileCheck“” ES provides a mobile, relocatable checkpoint security solution for events, critical buildings and temporary or semi-permanent entryways. This standard, 20 ft. container integrates the Rapiscan 62OXR X-ray baggage screening system with the Metor ZOO walk-through metal detector to screen people and baggage for threats and contraband.

Each Mobi|eCheck”‘ ES is Designed for Thorough Screening

Mobilecheck ESOO1: contains One (1) 62OXR X-ray baggage screener, One (1) Metor 300 walk-through metal detector and One (1) Metor 28 hand-held metal detector.

Mobilecheck ESOO2: contains Two (2) 62OXR, Two (2) Metor 300 walk-through metal detectors and Two (2) Metor 28 hand-held metal detectors.

Also available is an optional Desktop Explosive Trace Detection (ETD) for alarm resolution. 

Container System Components
Screening Equipment
ESOO1: One (1) 62OXR, One (1) Metor 300, One (1) Meter 28 
ESOO2: Two (2) 62OXR, Two (2) Metor 300, Two (2) Meter 28

Additional Accessories
Two (2) 1m roller beds per 62OXR on entry and exit
One (1) Fire Extinguisher
One (1) Smoke Detector
One (1) Search table for each 62OXR

Desktop Explosive Trace Detection System (ETD)

Number of Functional Doors (outward opening)
E8001: Two (2)1 m wide personnel doors
ESOO2: Four (4)1 m wide personnel doors and Two (2) 1.83 m wide doors for disabled persons access only.

Container Dimensions (L x W x H):
Container Fixture and Fittings
Four (4) Crane eye lifting points situated at each corner post.
Two (2) Fork truck lifting pockets.
One (1) 4 in dado trucking.