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Rapiscan Auto Z

Available on the Rapiscan Eagle® M60 with the Material Separation option, Auto—Z“ is a detection software solution that significantly increases the speed and the performance of cargo and vehicle inspection systems in the identification of high density materials which may be missed by an inspector.

The detection of radiological and nuclear threat materials is a key priority of cargo inspection. The search for these materials by visual inspection of x-ray images alone is a skilled task, often reducing throughput speeds and with high error rates from inexperienced operators. Effective and efficient detection of materials of a high density or high atomic number (high-Z) in cargo requires an advanced software detection tool that supports high throughput environments.

The patent-pending Auto-Z application alerts the operator to the location of fissile and shielding materials of a higher density than those found in commercial cargo.

  • The Eagle Auto-Z Operator Assist tool is a cargo detection software solution which alerts the operator to the location of potential high-Z threat materials such as special nuclear material or radiation-shield material. - This software solution is designed to aid the operator, helping reduce the potential for operator error, especially in high throughput environments.
  • Auto-Z processes sing|e-energy x-ray image data, and applies a detection algorithm based on fundamental material properties.
  • Offering high performance in highly-cluttered and dense cargo, Auto-Z analyzes the x-ray image data and identifies the location of high-Z material within the container, even for high|y-c|uttered and dense cargo not fully penetrated by the beam (i.e., partially saturated).
  • Fully integrated within the Rapiscan Cargo Viewer, Auto-Z provides the operator with real-time markup of areas which contain high-Z materials within the cargo.
  • Auto-Z can also be used with other options available with Eagle systems, including Material Separation and Radioactive Material Detection. Use of Auto-Z with these complementary tools may improve detection or false-alarm performance.
  • Auto-Z for example can detect shielded radioactive materials that may not be detectable by standard radiation portal monitors (RPMS). When used in conjunction with RPMs the software can provide a specific location for risk items which have triggered the RPM, critical intelligence in keeping inspection teams safe.