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Continuously screen moving or stationery vehicles for radioactive emissions.

Automatically Scan Vehicles and Containers
Stationary or Mobile Inspection
Gamma and Neutron Radiation Detection Options

Adaptable Installation Options
The TSA MDl34 is designed to automatically scan vehicles or containers without the need for frequent calibration. The system can be stationary to scan vehicles as they drive by or it can be mounted in a vehicle and driven past items to be scanned.

Advanced Operational Features
When the system is powered up, it acquires an initial background count typically within 120 seconds. The TSA MDl34 can be put in occupancy mode two different ways, sensor activated or constant. When occupancy is activated the system starts comparing the current count to the most recent background data. Alarm comparisons are made every 200ms. If the count exceeds the alarm level, both audible and visual alarms will be triggered. The system monitors itself and indicates low and high background conditions.

Flexible Detection Options
The TSA MD134 is available in three configurations; Gamma, Neutron or a combination of Gamma and Neutron detection. Gamma provides detection of ionizing radiation and Neutron provides detection of Special Nuclear Materials (SNM) while the combined Gamma and Neutron provides the most powerful detection capabilities for radioactive isotopes even in shielded materials. Interface Features

The TSA MDT34 includes TSA RAVEN“ communications software designed to both capture and view data and video images relating to a radiological detection incident.


Sensitivity Gamma: Will detect 1,000g of 235U (HEU) or 10g of 239Pu in 20 uR/hr background at a passage speed of five mph (8km/h), at a distance of 39 in. (1 m).
Neutron*: Will detect less than 200g of plutonium in a shielded container that reduces the gamma flux to 1% of the unshielded gamma flux.
Detectors Gamma: Two, 48 h x 12 w x 1.5 d in. (121 x 30 x 3.8 cm) organic plastic scintillator detectors per skid; provide approximately 1,728 in3 (28 liters) of detector volume.
Standard Neutron*: Four, 2 in. diameter x 36 in. (5 x 91 cm) Hez tube.
High Sensitivity Neutron*: Eight, 2 in. diameter x 36 in. (5 x 91 cm) He3 tube.
Alarm Indication Alarms are indicated on the External Alarm Box and the laptop or PC that is monitoring the system.
Communications Serial Port and Ethernet
Display Alphanumeric LCD, 4 lines x 16 characters.
Charging Requirements 90-250, 47-63Hz or 12VDC from host vehicle.
Battery Life 16 hours of continuous operation.
Dimensions 65.5 h x 60 w X 35 d in. (166.5 X 152.5 x 89 cm) per skid.
Weight 500 lbs (227 kg) per skid.
Environmental -4° to 122° F (-20° to 50°C); designed for sheltered areas.

*For neutron detection please contact your sales representative to determine availabilty and quantity of He3 tubes.